Sunday, December 19, 2004

I got a job!

Hey, hey, hey! I got a job~ lalala~ i got a job ~ lalala! haha. I finally got a job and I'm starting work on the 27th of Dec. It's a 5 day job, so if the swiss gang has any outings, ask me out on weekends k? Ahem... It's an office job, and I'm an Accounts Assistant. Cool name right? Haha.. not like that usual waitress, salesgirl or promoter. Anyway, I duno what I'm supposed to do yet haha. Nvm la, I think go there they will teach. Oh ya, I'm working at the Siemens company. Excited man, can't wait to work.

Ty's going to the army soon. I no feeling leh. Haiz. Maybe it's cos our past couple of outings have been like ----- boring----. He's always moody. Duno is PMS or what. So, we're not really communicating now. The feeling's like the beginning of our relationship, where everything was very awkward. It's strange to say that we've been together for almost 9 months (... I think, not really sure, don't even know the first day we started. It just came naturally). Huihui told me she cried when Kenrick went into the army. I don't think I will, at least for now. Really feeling sian now. When we go out, he just follows me around, and when I ask him if he wants to go anywhere, it's always the same reply, " Shui Bian." I hate the phrase Shui Bian now! Argh! So the last time we went out, he kept telling me to shop, while he followed and browsed around. I think many girls would like to shop. But hey, I'm Peggy. I don't like to shop unless I really have to. And if I intend to shop, I'll go straight to the shop and buy the stuff. I hate trying on clothes. It's too troublesome! One or 2 clothes, it's ok. But going into one shop and another to try clothes on? Sorry... I'd rather go home. But no choice, I have to shop, if not, he doesn't know what to do, and neither do I. Quite pathetic right. But the trouble is, he doesn't usually behave that way. That's why I'm feeling damn sian. Maybe it's his work that's troubling him, maybe he's tired. I tried asking a few times already. He just says it's nothing and he's feeling ok. Sigh. Guys. Weird. Period.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I want a job!

I want a job!!!! I've been sending my resume to HUNDREDS of jobs, those posted on the internet or the newspaper. I even went to sign up at an agency. Got a call everyday from Janet (the person finding a job for me). She's not bad, efficient and fast, but all the jobs are not suitable for me. I think they're quite far. Argh! She told me this afternoon or rather, this morning at 2pm (hey I woke up because of her call) that there's a job at Ang Mo Kio, and she asks me," So do u want the job? If u're interested, I'll send in your resume. Is Ang Mo Kio far for u?" That's that question I always don't know. Hey, I don't even know my way in Orchard Road, and as all my friends know, I wouldn't know where Ang Mo Kio is. Is there an MRT in Ang Mo Kio? I seriously don't know. Then there was one time she recommended me a job in Ayar Rajah ( I think that's how u spell it). Where the hell is that? Is it in Singapore? Haha... no idea man. Just told her it's too far (cannot pai seh myself). LOL! How? Anyway, I hope the next time she calls, she'll tell me there's a job in CCK, Jurong East, Alexandra, Queenstown, Clementi....etc... (the places that I at least know anyway) =p

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Swiss BBQ

BBQ!!!! I remember I ate a lot... oops

Mouse and me

mouse and me!! he looks so cute and acted so cute that day.. hahaha

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Singapore Idol

I'm angry man. That stupid Nanda. His nick on msn wrote : to those who still voted for sylvester, use your freaking brains dammit!. What the hell... he doesn't have to say that even if he doesn't like Sly. Anyway it's not that Sylvester cannot sing k. Listen to his past performaces. We can't judge a person from one lousy performance and condemn him like he's like William Hung!

Read The Newpaper yesterday and see what the 3 people (selena, joe and 1 more person.. i forgot who he is) commented on the 3 finalists. They said Taufik and Sylvester could give people and image to relate to, but when you think about Olinda, you only know she's a happy-go-lucky and bubbly girl. That doesn't give people a very deep impression of her. Joe also stated that she keeps emphasizing that she'll do better and work doubly hard, but that hasn't shown yet (that's what they said, not me). No doubt she sings well, but so does Sylvester. Moreover, if you have seen the 9 o'clock news tonight, you'll find out that Sly found out that the media had actually reported on his family having financial difficulties, just before preparing for his performance. Hey, this is his family problem and he would, more or less be affected by it, no doubt, and it doesn't help his performance that he was a little sick on that day. I'm not saying that Sly should win S'pore Idol, but at least give him credit for coming so far. Anyways, he'll still have his ever-growing fan base supporting him even if he breaks into the chinese industry, which, i feel, would be better for him.

Yup, I'm a fan of Sylvester. I just don't like Taufik cos' I find him cocky and unreal. But I don't criticize his fans because I agree that Taufik also has talent. So, people like Nanda who doesn't vote, please use your freaking brains and keep your freaking comments to yourself. period.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

2 more papers

Yea!!! 2 more papers to go... woooo hoooo! After that can kek weiling. hahaha! I was sick yesterday and still sick now. *sniff* Wonder who was the one who spread the flu virus to me. If I ever get my hands on that person......

Saw this dress in the dec issue of 17. The dress is from Phuture London. Looks quite nice, think I'm gonna check it out. Hope it's not too expensive.

Soooo many things to prepare after the A levels. Pimples haven't even subsided. Haven't even bought my dress. Haven't thought of what I wanna do to my hair for prom. Haven't even booked for my driving lessons. And I wanna watch De-Lovely! I don't know if the movie's nice, but First mag rated it a full 5 stars! And it's M18. If i watch it, it's gonna be my 1st every M18 movie.

Eugene said the Thailand trip may be off. Cos' Quanju can't go as he's going overseas, so a few of the bballers don't wanna go. And the special promotion for the Thailand trip is over, so if we wanna go, it will be more ex. Anyway, they'll discuss it again after the exams.

Yes! just 2 and i mean 2 (excluding tmr la... haha.. mcq only) more papers to go. Can't wait! Holidays... here i come!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

6 more days to go

Exams are going to be over in just 6 more days! ok, maybe 6 more days to go to school and sit for my papers. It's so tiring and I hate it when our exams stretches over a month. Imagine, 4 subjects and it lasts for a month. Who has that kind of stamina? (ok, not counting the nerds and the constant muggers). I'm so exhausted already. Supposed to be studying Nuclear Physics now but I got a throbbing headache, so I'm taking a break by blogging. *Sigh* Just wish that all my exams would be over soon... very soon.

Went out to eat lunch with Ty (and I don't mean the teddy bears with the Ty brand). Asked him what I wanted to ask and he said he didn't mind (about the Thailand trip). He's just forever so worried about my results. He told me to forget him for now and concentrate on my studies and only love him again after the exams. Yeah right... if I could, I wouldn't be typing about him now. He said if I have the determination, I'll surely be able to concentrate and forget him for now. Well, I'm concentrating on my studies, but I'll think of him sometimes. I guess that's ok.

I'm actually blogging very slowly and waiting for Singapore Idol to come on. I just dread going back to study, especially not with my head still throbbing like I'm sitting in a bass brum. Still half an hour more to go. Hope Sylvester sings really well today.

Can't really concentrate nowadays, especially when I think back about my chem paper. Ya, I know, it's already long over, but I can't believe I actually wrote something wrongly which I memorised like mad for several weeks! Everyone in jc would actually give their best during the A levels and not make mistakes where they actually KNOW the answer. But I can't believe that I had actually goofed on my chem paper. I talking about the equation when aluminium chloride and magnesium chloride reacts with water. ARGH! I'm such an idiot. All the many weeks of memorising just went down the drain. Super pissed whenever I think of that. When I thought that paper 3 was easy, I make these stupid mistakes and now I have to memorise like mad again to make sure I don't make stupid mistakes on paper 1 & 2.

Well, my most dreaded paper is coming up. Oh Mr Albert Einstein, Mr Kirchoff, Mr Ohm, Mr Newton, Mr de Broglie and whoever's law or principle is gonna come out in my physics paper, please help me.